Sudan raises the price of a liter of petrol (98) pounds, and gasoline (47) pounds

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Khartoum:  mirsad energy

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The Ministry of Energy and Oil announced the new fuel prices for the month of November,  in  the state of Khartoum.

 The price of a liter petrol ” benzene”  is (620) pounds, while a liter of diesel ” gasoline”  is (720) pounds, including  state fees (2) pounds per liter.

The previous prices for the month of October were (522) pounds  per liter of benzene, while a liter of gasoline was (672) pounds

The ministry said that this comes within the framework of the policy of the Ministry of Energy and Oil in the monthly review of fuel prices according to the international prices of petroleum products

The ministry said that the Khartoum state pricing will be a reference for all states of Sudan.

The ministry clarified that the price adjustment for petroleum products (gasoline – gasoline) will be effective from today, Thursday, October 10, 2022  , and from three o’clock in the afternoon.

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