Katrin Puetz: The wizard of mobile biogas fuel visits Sudan

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With a face full of vitality and a bright smile that does not leave that face, Katrin found the value of life and pleasure in providing “help to Africa.” She has dedicated her entire career to proving that Africa does not need aid but innovation.
The woman who introduced the idea of the moving bio-fuel carrier, traveled last week from Germany to Sudan, to inspire Sudanese women and men, to take advantage of the magic of biofuels.”.

KatrIn grew up on her grandmothers’ small dairy farm where working with animals and on the field from childhood on shaped her passion for nature and environment. She used her practical talent to become a cabinet maker by trade and to work in different parts of the world as bull catcher, bread baker, cheese maker, roof tiler and tour guide. Her practical skills have been enhance by her passion and later combined with academic knowledge. e.
She graduated from the University of Koblenz in Ecological Impact Assessment (B.Sc.) and holds an M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from University of Hohenheim. She is an alumni of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. As PhD candidate at Hohenheim University she develop the concept of mobile biogas and implemented the research together with Addis Abeba University, HoA-REC..
Katrin founded the only international Biogas company operating in Africa and has remained independent of Western funding. The company is based in Germany with independent subsidiaries in a growing number of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

 Her unique entrepreneurial approach is based on values like dignity and independence and it is characterised by simple and impactful innovations such as the biogas backpack and modular burner..

Katrin is on a mission to see an aid-free biogas sector thrive. She leads several initiatives that create awareness about the negative effects of aid and collaborates with African biogas entrepreneurs to fight against further market distortion through foreign aid in #BiogasUnite. She shares her experience and passion with organisations and individuals interested in taking innovative and honest approaches to solve global issues.
She came to Sudan to participate in presenting her vision on biogas, through the Sudan University of Science and Technology Conference on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
During the conference, she participated in cutting a special celebration ribbon in Khartoum, which was the official inauguration of a new sustainability incubator for clean fuels with the Sudan University of Science and Technology, and the incubator was founded by the company’s amazing partner, Dr. Hazer Farouk Al-Hajj.

 The inauguration included conducting practical training and biogas installation. The training included a number of installations for trainees from all over the country including some from South Sudan.
The training ended with drinking traditional Sudanese coffee made with a biogas burner

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